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Meet your partner in food

We provide Day Cares, Pre-K, K-12, After Schools, and City Camps.

Do you have a lunch program?

We are here to provide your students with personalized healthy lunches delivered to your school daily.

Tailored Solutions for Your School

Personalized Menu

We believe every child is unique, so we customize the menu following each client’s food preferences and needs. 


We deliver lunch boxes to the school in the morning at your most convenient time.

Flexible Schedule

We offer a Full week and Half Week plan to fit every client’s lunch schedule.

Rich Nutrition

Our chefs and nutritionists craft every lunch with the freshest, all-natural ingredients.

Hot Lunches

We pack lunches into reusable lunch boxes with thermos, so you won’t need a kitchen to reheat lunches.

Support 24/7

Our team is always here to support you and your families.

The Best Possible Care

Quality Time

By using our service, parents save an average of 416 hours per year, as they no longer need to pack lunch boxes at home.

New Experience

Kids improve their food experience by trying new menu every 3rd week.

Our Partners

City Kids

“We were looking to partner with an affordable, health conscious, and quality food delivery service for our families and The Superhero Box has more than delivered. They work directly with our families to provide healthy and nutritious lunches and snack options for preschool and summer camp. Since starting The Superhero Box service in June 2022, we have seen an increase in the number of families opting for this amazing food service solution! They take the time to understand each family’s needs for their child and are reliable and trustworthy partners. We wholeheartedly recommend The Superhero Box to everyone we know.”

—Melissa Jubran, M.B.A., Director of Business Operations


Our school has experienced wonderful advantages by teaming up with The Superhero Box for our lunch program. Their top-notch, diverse meal options have significantly boosted our students' health and happiness. With their punctual deliveries and outstanding customer support, everything runs smoothly. We wholeheartedly suggest them to other schools.

St. Stans Catholic School

Teaming up with The Superhero Box for our school lunches has been fantastic. Their delicious, diverse meals contribute to our students' well-being, while their efficient service makes everything a breeze. We encourage other schools to give them a try.