How are lunches made?

All meals are freshly-cooked and crafted by the best local chefs the night before serving. We collaborate with the best local cafes and restaurants to source sustainable ingredients whenever possible.

Should I warm up my child’s meal?

Nope, our Superhero Box thermos keeps hot meals warm for three hours.

How do you deliver lunches?

We deliver lunches directly to your child’s school in the morning for free. The delivery window is 9:30–11:15 am.

What should I do with a used lunchbox?

Leave it at the school, and we will pick it up the following morning.

What if i don’t need five lunches each week?

Choose between 5 or 3 lunches per week based on your needs.

Is it possible to place an order on Sunday and have the delivery start on Monday?

We are sorry, but we can't start delivery on Monday if you place an order on Sunday. We create customized menus and delivery schedules for each client, so it's essential that we receive all orders by 12 pm on Friday.

If my child is taking a day off, is it possible to skip the delivery?

If you inform us the night before, we can skip the delivery for that day. 

Is it possible for me to receive a refund for the days that I did not use?

We offer a certificate for an extra lunch for each day you take off. Once you collect 5 certificates, you will receive a full week off without pay.

Is it okay for my child to bring their lunchbox home from school? 

Certainly! Please bring the used lunchbox to the school on the following day, and we will take care of the pickup.

What should I do if my child doesn't like their lunches?

No problem at all! Kindly inform us about the ingredients they dislike, and we will make changes to the menu accordingly.

How can I change the delivery schedule?

To update your delivery schedule, simply send us an email at one week before.