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We deliver lunches at PS031, PS34, PS110, and City Kids in Brooklyn.

Not your location? Please join the waitlist to get notified when we start delivering lunches to your child's school or camp. Get 50% off the first week with the promo code HERO50.

How It Works

Step 1.

Choose a weekly plan with 5 or 3 lunches containing a hot meal and three healthy snacks. Get 10% off with a subscription option.

Step 2.

Let us know which days your child would need lunches, in the order details. Place your school or camp address, as the delivery address.

Step 3.

For school lunches, pick your child's lunchbox up from our Pick Up Spot near your school the following week in the morning (7:45 am – 8:15 am).

For camp lunches, get your lunchbox at the camp. We deliver lunches directly to camps in the morning (at 9:00 am) for free.

Feed Your Superheroes

Fresh, Nutrient-packed and Delicious Lunches

We collaborate with the best local cafes to create super healthy and customized menus for kids.

We offer a subscription-based weekly plan for $49.99, which includes five freshly-cooked lunches per week, delivered to schools and camps in the morning.

• Free lunchbox on your first order
• Crafted by certified chefs
• Hot meal and three snacks
• Free delivery to a camp daily

each child is special

Each Menu Is Customized and Feedback-Driven

We make customized and feedback-driven lunches based on your child's dietary restrictions and food preferences. We also constantly improve the lunch experience based on weekly feedback from you and your child.

Please fill out the form to help us understand your child's food preferences.

We care about our kids and planet

Reusable Lunchbox

We pack every lunch in a reusable leak-proof lunchbox with a thermos to keep hot meals warm for 3 hours. You will get the lunchbox with the first order for free!


I love that my daughter tries new and healthy foods, and it’s such a gift to me too. Suitable for vegetarian families!

Delicious and healthy

It was great having that option for summer camp and I look forward to have that option every week for school as well.

The best thing to happen to my mornings

The Superhero Box has saved so much time, worrying, and ultimately, probably even money for us.

We'd love to help

Any questions? Please reach out via the chat, email, or text: